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Fun Excursions & Activities in Rocky Point

While the Esmeralda Resort is certainly luxurious, with lots of amenities, the area of Rocky Point and its environs features a lot of exciting places to go and activities to do besides the beach.

The area’s most popular attraction by far is the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve – El Pinacate for short. The visitors museum is home to an extensive set of displays about the geological and natural history of the reserve, and there’s numerous trails throughout to hike or explore with a four wheeler. A dormant volcano is one of the highlights, along with abundant wildlife to see and observe. One of the most interesting facts about the reserve’s volcanic area – its crater-filled terrain has been used by NASA astronauts to simulate being on the moon, as it’s one of the closest representations of the moon’s surface available. In total, the reserve covers over 40 kilometers, making it a perfect spot for an all-day excursion.

Old Port, part of Rocky Point itself, is a primary area for shopping, restaurants, and being able to sit and watch the shrimp boats as they come in. As you might expect, this part of the town is known for the quality of its fresh seafood, which translates into an excellent dining experience – unlike in much of the United States, where seafood is shipped in, rather than locally and freshly sourced. For those who like bargaining with shop vendors, that’s one of the activities you can partake in here.

Numerous tours go out to Isla San Jorge, or Bird Island, home to over 20 different bird species. The most popular thing to do there is go swimming with sea lions, and the occasional group of dolphins that passes through. Kayaking and paddle boating are also options, depending on the tour you select, and no matter what trip you choose to take, this is another all-day excursion. Because it’s that long, tours also offer food and drink to those on the boat. For this one, you’ll definitely want to bring a wetsuit and an underwater camera for the best possible experience.