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Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 8

 BANK MEETING New information on how Real Estate Financing works in Mexico. This podcast also talks about ways to securely deliver financial documents to the bank in order to start the loan process. 2019 is expected to be a great year!

December 14, 2018December 14, 2018by

Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 7

 Learn how Snell & Wilmer Law Firm helped us understand how to deal with the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE ) and how to get a handle of the Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Also, learn how they helped us get to the point where we can start delivering condos. 2019 is expected to be a...

December 11, 2018December 11, 2018by

Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 6

Learn how we have opened the Sales and Rental office mid-November. Learn how we have expanded our Sales and Rental Team, by incorporating our PIX office staff into Esmeralda. Learn how we are starting to process the financial packages with our local bank in order to deliver condos. And finally learn how we have started...

December 6, 2018December 7, 2018by

Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 5

 Expansion of the Vacation Rental Office Learn how we have expanded our Vacation Rental Office to a total of 5 team members. Learn how we rent our units using software that integrates market channels such as VRBO and Learn how we can obtain much more rent through our market channels compared to owners...

December 4, 2018December 4, 2018by

Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 3

Segment 1: Esmeralda Sales Strategy  A description of our Esmeralda Luxury Resort Condo Sales Strategy and how we are now formally delivering condos. The definition of a new word, Mysterical, as in we’ve had a Mysterical week as it relates to Esmeralda project milestones. Segment 2: Informal Informative Esmeralda HOA Meeting This segment is dedicated...

October 2, 2018October 2, 2018by

Esmeralda Luxury Resort Update 2

Segment 1: King of the Bridge – Learn why it’s important to protect yourself at all times and stay in the game Segment 2: Delivery – our moving forward plan Segment 3: Esmeralda General Update Podcast Hosted By: Daniel Butterfield

September 11, 2018September 11, 2018by