Art on Canvas

Art on Canvas

So, we’re impressed by some of the street artwork that Puerto Peñasco has to offer but you will also find some great work being done on canvases with acrylic paints. During the not-so-hot months, you will be able to see some of it displayed at the Mermaid’s Market held every two weeks at Shrimp Park. So, if you’re in town you should try coming down. You will find great artwork on display along with live music, food, and artisanal jewelry.

One of my favorite painters is from Cuernavaca, Morelos which is in southern Mexico. If you like gardening and the average temps being in the 80’s, look it up online. Brizio, who has been living in Peñasco for over 15 years, not only does canvases but also murals inside your homes if you want to. If there is a picture that you have in your collections and want it painted he will give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. One of the most recent paintings he has done was of the harbor here in Puerto Peñasco. To view some of his works here is the link to his Facebook page

Another artist who loves doing abstract and expressional art is Marlene Rivero who also happens to be from Cuernavaca. Had the pleasure of meeting her while visiting Peñasco. Marlene’s art is her way of expressing herself, her inspiration comes from her experiences, thoughts, sensations, and her feelings. To view some of her artwork, click on the link –

If you would like to see the artists’ wonderful creation, ask our reception desk when the Mermaid’s Market will be back up and running. At Esmeralda Luxury Resort, you are going to love where we take you.

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